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:: Tuesday, October 07, 2003 ::

Movies this week:
"Dreamcatcher" 10 of 10
I can't fathom why some of the worst dreck makes tons of money, but a truly great piece of work like Lawrence Kasdan's adaptation of Stephen King's book was overlooked from the beginning. This is a well crafted, excellently acted, and very scary film, and while some might not recommend it for it's similarities to King's "It" or "Stand by Me", I found the two hours a rollicking roller coaster ride into a hellish situation, resolved as some of King's aforementioned work (like "It") could not be, simply because of the advancements in computer generated special effects.
Thomas Jane, Jason Lee, Morgan Freeman, and especially Damien Lewis as Jonesy collectively and separately act up a storm, a cold one at that, in this excellent film adaptation, now out on DVD. I don't want to spoil this one, because I had the luxury of not having read the book, and thankfully, no one ruined the plot for me. I'll only say that besides the "Stand by Me" qualities of the plot and characterization, which is typical for a King work, the film does a terrific and scary turn, sort of like in Richard Rodriquez' "From Dusk till Dawn" although that's not really an apt comparison.
Good show from start till finish, and a recommendation not to watch alone in the dark, especially if you've had any disturbing medical news in the past few weeks before viewing.

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