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:: Sunday, May 16, 2004 ::

Whether to see "Van Helsing" hasn't been a big priority, but I do admire that director Stephen Somers (The "Mummy" remakes.)is a fan of the original Universal Horror films and has had a hand in the release of three really great box sets including a lot of the old B&W Frankenstein, Dracula, and Wolfman films. By the look of the previews for "Van Helsing" in which star Hugh Jackman looks like he's slumming in between XMen films, and Kate Beckinsale looks like she's making a career out of appearing in bad horror films. (she's not a vampire out to kill werewolves in this one, she's out to kill the vampires.) The set design and CGI is very "busy" and I didn't like the looks of the previews. I do like the set design and cinematography of the original Universal Horror films, however, and the transfers are for the most part well done in the DVD sets. The packaging is tremendous. I wanted to get the "gift set" but I needed to buy these films pronto and Universal made the mistake of not making enough of the gift sets (they include busts of the three principal "monsters" as well as the DVDs.) so I couldn't get the gift set from either DVD planet or Best Buy. Circuit City didn't even stock the sets.
I'm in the middle of the Frankenstein films, and even though it is relatively easy to laugh at Boris Karloff's big lug, especially after having been ruined by Mel Brook's "Young Frankenstien" in college, I still savor the camerawork and especially the moody sets, all filmed on the Universal backlot, and seen on the tram tour.
Each set comprises four films on two DVD's and Steven Somers had a lot to do with the fact that the films were released. I don't even have laserdiscs of these so having 12 or thirteen of these films in the DVD library is a welcome addition.
I still don't know about Van Helsing. Probably will finally see it in a theater, but can't believe it raked in 54 mil in it's opening weekend.

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