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:: Sunday, December 05, 2004 ::

It's been a long while since I posted anything at the ElectricMovies blog, and that's because, frankly, I rarely was writing about movies for the longest time, and then I stopped going to movies in a theater. The price just got to be too high. Eight bucks for a matinee, and they show REAL LOUD commercials. Well, the reason for this particular post, is that I am trying to establish comments on these Blogger blogs, and each time I attempt it, I never see the comments section, like on Xanga, where I now have the main blog, WhenWordsCollide, for AllThingsMike. I have attempted to write movie reviews there as well, but have only penned a few. It' s OSCAR season again, though, and you know me, I always begin talking about my Oscar Picks. This year it's "The Passion of Christ" and "Ray" so far. I'm not putting up links right now. I never knew if this blog was even being read anyway. Here goes. Are there comments?

:: Michael Nyiri 4:08 AM Leave a Comment on this Post ::
Here's the first comment. It's from me. To me. As usual. Can it be. Will I see this COMMENT on the site. Time will tell. I'm getting anxious.
Another comment. Wonder if I'll be able to "erase these" when I find out how to iron out the problems.
You should be able to erase them ...
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